RT with Exchange and Confusion over who mail is from

I’m running RT on a Solaris host with sendmail, but our shop’s primary
e-mail system is Exchange Server 2000 / Outlook 2000 on the desktop.

I had our IT group setup a mail alias on the exchange server that forwards
mail to the MTA on my sun.

On Exchange I had them create an address named “engtools” with a description
"Eng. Tools Support" in the Global address list…

When I reply to a ticket and the end user gets it in his exchange client,
instead of it saying “From: Randy Millis VIA RT” is says “From: Eng. Tools
Support”. Exchange seems to look up the address “engtools” and fill in the
description. If I mail from WebRT to a pop client it works as expected.

My user have complained this is confusing - especially if more than one
support person is working on a ticket - because they have trouble figuring
out WHO is sending the message to them.

Anyone in a similar Exchange environment got a work around?

We have a similar situation, and the same complaint. No solution, but
an observation:

The “Nice” version of the From: line is actually still available. If
you connect to Exchange via an IMAP client, you will see “From: Randy
Millis VIA RT” again. Thus, it’s something specific to outlook – not

I’d love to have a solution to this!