RT will not install dependencies on Centos 4.3 + newest security updates

Attempting to do a new install of RT 3.6.1 on a fresh install of Centos
4.3 with all current updates, I get the following errors during the
build process when attempting to run
perl sbin/rt-test-dependencies --with-mysql --with-fastcgi --install
as root.

Removing previously used /root/.cpan/build/Class-ReturnValue-0.53
Can’t remove file /root/.cpan/build/Class-ReturnValue-0.53 (No such file
or directory) at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.5/CPAN.pm line 4425

==> Couldn’t move ‘Class-ReturnValue-0.53’ to
’/root/.cpan/build/Class-ReturnValue-0.53’: Is a directory

==> Cannot continue: Please find the reason why I cannot move <==
==> /root/.cpan/build/tmp/Class-ReturnValue-0.53 <==
==> to <==
==> /root/.cpan/build/Class-ReturnValue-0.53 <==
==> and fix the problem, then retry <==
Failed to load module CPAN.

These occur for every module. If I manually install the modules through
CPAN, they work fine.

This appears to be the same issue described at:

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