RT v3.4 don't send email to requestor


I have a problem with RT 3.4 - emails from RT do not send when I answer on ticket in then Web interface
I use FreeBSD 5.4, MySQL 4.1.12 and RT 3.4

This is the part of the rt.log file:
[Sat Aug 6 15:44:32 2005] [info]: <rt-3.4.2-4-83-5.3.9532587133089@Test RT setup> #4/83 - Scrip 5 (/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:235)
[Sat Aug 6 15:44:32 2005] [info]: <rt-3.4.2-4-83-5.3.9532587133089@Test RT setup> No recipients found. Not sending.

I see right requestor email in the RT and AutoReply script works as it is necessary.
Probably, I have gaped any config option?