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I am not sure if that is your exact Plugins config line but it should be:


If there is more than one extension being loaded can you post the full
exact line. Also as Ruslan pointed out there should only be one
Set(@Plugins line.

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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 08:45:44 -0400
From: Mike Johnson mike.johnson@nosm.ca
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The Set(@Plugins line was the problem… I had a spelling mistake.

Now I’m seeing a different error

[Wed Apr 20 08:20:25 2011] [error] Can’t call method “require” without a
package or object reference at /opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT.pm line
670.\nCompilation failed in require at (eval 2) line 1.\n
[Wed Apr 20 08:20:25 2011] [error] Can’t load Perl file: /opt/rt3/bin/
webmux.pl for server myserver.mydomain.com:0, exiting…
By looking at the code in RT.pm, and my very limited Perl knowledge… it
seems when it’s reading through trying to find all the Plugins defined in
the RT_SiteConfig.pm it hiccups on the newly corrected Set(@Plugins…);
line for ExtractCustomFieldValues.

My Set line is as follows:

Set(@Plugins,qw(… RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValues));

As indicated on the wiki page for ExtractCustomFieldValues.

I’m trying to figure out exactly what the Set(@Plugins line means(till now,
I’ve simply used what was posted on the wiki, without understanding what
each piece of the config line actually means…) but I’m having a hard time
googling/searching wiki or rt-users for that information.

This page http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/SiteConfig tells you a little
bit of the Plugins line, but doesn’t define what it means. I’m assuming I’d
inherently know this if I knew more about Perl itself…

When the apache error_log shows an error stating it can’t locate a given
file in @INC what are my steps to resolve this?

Specifically, when I insert the line

Set(@Plugins,qw(… RT::Extension::ExtractCustomFieldValues));

into my site config, apache won’t start up and complains it cannot find

I searched the lists, and some have said the path to the pm is not in the
@INC environment variable and to move the .pm to a place that is. In the
error it lists the @INC variable, and /opt/rt3/local/lib or /opt/rt3/lib
exist in it

In 3.8 @INC should be


If you have set @Plugins to (X Y Z) in the config, but …

  • …, but only some plugins’ paths are in the @INC - check config for
    double Set(@Plugins, …)
  • …, but only some plugins’ paths are in the @INC - check above and
    check permissions on dirs
  • …, but none of rt3/local/plugins/…/lib is in the @INC - check
    above, may be you have earlier 3.8.x release with a bug, upgrade to
    the latest

, so I attempted to move the .pm in question to one of those
areas with no luck…
Strikes me as odd that I’d have to move this considering I’ve installed 2
other extensions prior to this one that fired up with out any issues…

100% there is no need in moving files around. Pretty good chances to
break things further or complicate future upgrades.

Anyone give me a few steps to troubleshoot or try out?


Best regards, Ruslan.

Mike Johnson
Datatel Programmer/Analyst
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