RT-Users Digest, Vol 71, Issue 39

RT_SiteConfig was updated, RT_Config has been left untouched as
recommended. Apache has been restarted several times.

This only affects a few users. For everyone else RT works just fine and all
links are generated correctly. And for those few users it is only the
tickets displayed after selecting a queue from QuickSearch that have the
missing ‘/rt/’ in the links. They get the correct links on their At a
glance page or custom searches.

Could it somehow be tied to a session in the database when they log in?

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Have you corrected the URL in RT_Config and Site_Config? Have you bounced
Apache yet?


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I recently moved our RT instance from a base hostname to a subdirectory
(i.e. from http://www.example.com/ to http://www.example.com/rt/)

Myself and a few users have updated our SavedSearches to account for that
change and it works fine. As does almost everything else. However, for
some users, when they click the Queue link from the QuickSearch box all
the tickets displayed have links without the ending “/rt”.

This was a fresh install of the files, Mason cache has been cleared and
the web server restarted. Only the database was carried over.

This behavior is only seen with a handful of users. I am unable to figure
out why the links are correct for some users and not others. Any ideas on
where to start looking for the cause?