RT-Users Digest, Vol 18, Issue 64

We have RT 3.4.4 running.
Our users asked me to insert something in mails generated by RT that
would help to identify a queue that a ticket belongs to (for sorting
purposes). To provide this, I decided to change RT tag this way:
[ORG #Queue_Id-Ticket_Id].
I’d suggest leaving the tag as is, and adding the queue name
separately afterwards.

Yes, this is a good and more correct idea, and I’ve just tried it.
But the problem with character set appeared again, so I think
maybe I have to use something else than $self->TicketObj->Queue,
or to correct it’s type or value somehow?..

Of course, it is possible to insert a header line like "X-Queue: [Number]"
into each template, but I would like to have a single global place
to rule this.

cronfy mailto:cronfy@ipnet.ru