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From: Christian Loos cloos@netcologne.de
To: Duncan Napier dgnapier@sfu.ca, rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com
Subject: Re: [rt-users] Any way to turn subscription email into a
.html document?
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Am 04.11.2014 um 22:49 schrieb Duncan Napier:

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I have created some RT Subscriptions, but I was wondering if there is an
way to convert the subscription content into a HTML document?


Just in case anyone is interested, I managed to do this. Here is how it was

What do you exactly mean by “subscription email”?
Reading all above I would assume that you don’t use RT Dashboards, but
thats exactly what you want:

  • you can display them within the RT Webinterface
  • you can send them as e-mail

Here is the documentation:
While the documentation is for RT 4.2, dashboards are also available in
RT 4.0 without the DashboardInMenu function.


Hi - my terminology was vague/incorrect. What I should have said that I wanted to post various Dashboard subscriptions to a website that was widely accessible.

We use a setup where all our non-RTadmin users are non-privileged. These users create new tickets via the RT SelfServe interface. Once the ticket is created, they can correspond either rt-mailgate and/or the SelfServe interface. I wanted non-technical group managers and some other (RT non-privileged) staff to be able to access dashboards showing open/resolved tickets for their groups/queues. I played around with all manner of Group Rights and User Rights and was unable to grant non-privileged, SelfServe users the rights to access custom dashboards. So I ended up creating a script to take the Dashboard subscription and post it as a webpage for these users to access if they needed to.