RT Updates to 5.0.0

I’m interested in applying the 5.0.1 update to our 5.0.0 setup, but we have a good deal of custom script built into our existing setup for SSO etc. Is there a way to upgrade without overwriting those customized pieces we’ve put in?

Usually for customization’s you want to use the callback feature in RT or do a local overlay, that way when you upgrade your customization’s in the local/ directory aren’t touched.

If you’ve edited core RT code there isn’t a built in way to not have your changes overwritten. You could try saving your changes as a diff file and see if you can apply them to a 5.0.1 RT cleanly

Another option is to copy the files you’ve modified in the core into a /opt/rt5/local directory hierarchy now, so that you’ve got safe copies of them there. Then once you’re happy that is working, update the RT installation over the copies in core. Probably worth making a backup of the whole directory first structure in case you miss something as well as doing a database backup before you commence any update.

I have to say when we did our 4.4.3 -> 5.0 upgrade before Xmas @G.Booth and I run the process repeatedly on a clean server to make sure we weren’t got to screw up any of our (many) local mods. And also check disc space requirements, downtime, etc, etc. Hoorah for being able to spin up VMs quickly, eh?

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