RT::Tickets vs. RT::Links

When working with a Ticket object I often want to
loop through all the children of a ticket or other

$TicketObj->Members gives an appropriate RT::Links
object, but I am usually interested in only local
tickets so I have to loop through the links and
find the ones where BaseURI or TargetURI IsLocal.

my $links = $ticket->Members;
foreach (my $link = $links->Next) {
if ($link->BaseURI->IsLocal) {
my $child = $link->BaseObj;

Thus, it seems faster to do this:

my $children = new RT::Tickets( $ticket->CurrentUser );
foreach (my $child = $children->Next) {

This gives only local tickets.

Any words of wisdom about which way is better or
other aspects of this I have not considered?