Rt_system generating junk emails with no subject nor body

I am getting an automated email from “rt_system”, which does not have a
subject nor body. This emails keeps coming for every 30 minutes, how to stop

Thanks in advance.


I had a similar problem. In my case, I was running a preprocessing
program ahead of rt-mailgate in a pipe. This preprocessor was
procmail, doing spam filtering.

When the pipe started, both procmail and rt-mailgate are launched
as processes. But when procmail detected spam, I had it just
delete the spam and die. That meant procmail put nothing on
stdout, and rt-mailgate had nothing to read on stdin.

However, rt-mailgate still created a blank ticket, based on
the blank input – from rt_system with no header or body.
I created a patch for rt-mailgate to not do this, which
I sent to Jesse, and I think will be incorporated in a future release.

If you have the same problem, maybe this patch will help:

*** rt-mailgate.in.orig Thu Aug 12 15:06:13 2004
— rt-mailgate.in Thu Aug 19 17:12:10 2004
*** 436,441 ****
— 436,445 ----

Read the message in from STDIN

$args{‘message’} = <>;

  • unless ( $args{message} =~ /\S/ ) {

  • print STDERR "$0: no message passed on STDIN!\n";
  • exit 0;
  • }

    if ($opts{‘extension’}) {
    $args{$opts{‘extension’}} = $ENV{‘EXTENSION’};