RT_Siteconfig.pm for multiple queues


I have included my RT_siteconfig.pm
Set ($Organisation , “rt.ikanos.com”);
Set ($RTAddressRegexp , ‘^rt@ikanos.com$’);
Set ($CorrespondAddress , ‘rt@ibis.fre-unix.ikanos.com’);
Set ($CommentAddress , ‘rt-comment@ibis.fre-unix.ikanos.com’);
Set ($OwnerEmail , ‘vpoliset@ikanos.com’);
Set ($LoopsToRTOwner, 1);
Set ($MailCommand, ‘sendmailpipe’);
Set ($SendmailPath , “/usr/sbin/sendmail”);
Set ($SendmailArguments, “-oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m”);
Set ($NotifyActor, 0);
Set ($RecordOutgoingEmail, 0);
Set ($UseFriendlyToLine, 0);
Set ($MaxAttachmentSize, 10000000);

if i have configured multiple queues, then how to configured
RT_Siteconfig.pm for mailing? please help me.


P Vamsi Krishna
Unix Administrator
Ikanos Communications (India) Pvt.Ltd.

Your config doesn’t need to know anything about multiple queues,
the config just contains the defaults.

Messages for existing tickets can be sent to any local address that
goes through the rt-mailgateway, since RT uses the tickets number
to file messages away. If you want to be able to direct new tickets
from email to different queues, just create several mail aliases and
specify different queues in your options to rt-mailgateway
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