Rt-shedder When Created instead of LastUpdated

Hello :slight_smile:

I can going to implement a shredder on many tickets and was going to use

rt-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=query,Queue="QueueName" AND LastUpdated < '120 days ago'

however I would like to shred when the date is created, after looking around I couldn’t really find anything,
would the following work?

Any feedback is very much appreciated :slight_smile:
rt-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=query,Queue="QueueName" AND Created < '120 days ago'

I’m a little doubtful trying it on a live system

If you have a large amount of tickets using the CLI tool is good so that you don’t run into timeout issues. You can do a search in RT or search in the shredder web UI to confirm the results to be shredded looks correct.

You should be able to do “Created < 120 days ago” if you want to search on the ticket created date

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