RT scalabibity questions

Hi there,

Fist I would like to thank you for fine piece of software. We have used RT
now for one year and it rocks!

I got order from managers to find out if RT usage could be spreaded also
to other departments of our company. We currently use one RT2 installation
at one of our departments. It has some 9000 tickets, 500 users and 60
queues. As said, system runs quite fine so we would like to widen our RT
usage. Next RT installation could be to department that has approximately
some amount of users (some same, but mosty different), but ticket count
would be bigger. Maybe 1000-1500 tickets/month (~15000/year).

I have read RT mailing lists and posts about RT performance, but there was
some left guestions that I would like to ask from you.

My questions are:

  • How scalable RT is and if it scales well to those amounts, should I use
    RT2 or RT3 for this job?

  • Is there any special things that should be percieved (e.g. in RT
    internal or external settings) when setting up RT of this size?

  • Can I use same user database for these different installations of RT? If
    possible, how could it be done?

If you could tell me how much users/tickets you have in your systems, it
would help me to estimate this situation.

Thaks in advance

Janne Pirkkanen