RT, RTIR and RTFM downloads reavailable

After Best Practical’s primary colocated server was compromised last
week, we disabled downloads of RT, RTFM and RTIR until we could conduct
an audit to ensure the products’ source code had not been tampered with.

Internal and external audits found no evidence that the RT source code or
downloadable distributions had been in any way altered by the attackers.
Based on the results of these audits, we have reenabled downloads of the
RT family of products from Index of /pub

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the temporary suspension of
downloads and are appreciative of the community’s understanding during
our recovery.

We take all security issues very seriously. If you have reason to
suspect that there are security issues with RT of any kind, please
contact security@bestpractical.com at your earliest convenience.

Jesse Vincent
Best Practical Solutions, LLC