RT/RTIR 4* with Postfix and Exchange

Hi There

We are running RT and RTIR with Postfix.

Our inbound mail routing is perfect, however we have created a smart relay host in Postfix to send email back to Exchange, however this does not seem to work natively with RT’s mail sending function.

Note: All testing to relay email through the server to Exchange is working.

From a config viewpoint, it seems RT relies on Sendmail to send email outbound.

Is there any options to use Postfix and what arguments should be supplied?

Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.


sendmail is just the name of the binary in the system (postfix also has a sendmail one for backwards compatibility). You have just to configure postfix to relay to your exchange server and it should work.

What is exactly going wrong? Could you post the relevant configuration of postifx, RT_SiteConfig.pm and logs of postfix?