RT request tracker Can't able to get the tickets for query in Rest 2.0

I tried to follow the RT REST Guide but i can’t able to search tickets with query . Every time it is getting empty items . But i have tickets with all query and it is a valid token . All other api is working with this token

I used the command

curl -si  http://rt-test.backbonesecure.com/rt/REST/2.0/tickets?token=1-115-31ee899218dfb70735c500cd0a878857 -XPOST --data-binary '[{"field":"Status","value":"open"}]'

curl  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "@abc.txt" -X POST http://rt-test.backbonesecure.com/rt/REST/2.0/tickets?token=1-115-31ee899218dfb70735c500cd0a878857

abc.txt contains the json query

"Queue": "General",
"Status": "new"

Can any one help how to make query to search tickets ?

I am also currently having the same problem with an even simpler query, using basic auth:

curl -kis -u "<un>:<p>" -X POST "<url>/REST/2.0/tickets" --data-binary '[{"field":"id", "value":"210050"}]' --H 'Content-Type: application/json'

I can fetch the ticket using the above curl method as a GET on address /REST/2.0/ticket/210050 with out issue.

The result is always the empty list response (even on invalid json like [{]}):

    "count" : 0,
    "page" : 1,
    "total" : 0,
    "per_page" : 20,
    "items" : []

You can query tickets using a GET, for example:

curl -X GET -u 'root:password' 'http://mytestrt.com:8080/REST/2.0/ticket/48'

curl -X GET -u 'root:password' "http://mytestrt.com:8080/REST/2.0/tickets?query='Queue%20=%20General'"

curl -X GET -u 'root:password' 'http://mytestrt.com:8080/REST/2.0/ticket/48'
Returns a json string based on the ticket id 48, subject, create etc…
curl -iks -u <u>:<p> -X GET "<url>/REST/2.0/tickets?query=Queue%20=%20'<queuename>'"
Returns a list of tickets with _url entries as expected.

So the simple query for tickets works.

I have just found the problem.

It my example curl in my post, the id field needs a number value 53 not a string "53".
And to search for name you need the field to be uppercase: "Name", as this was my other mistake.

So an example query for queues would be:

curl -iks -u <u>:<p> '<url>/REST/2.0/queues' -XPOST --data-binary '[{ "field": "id", "value": 53 }]' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

and an example query on name would be:

curl -iks -u <u>:<p> '<url>/REST/2.0/queues' -XPOST --data-binary '[{ "field": "Name", "value": "General" }]' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Thanks for the help, hope this helps others.