RT pm's

How does one install the various pm’s for RT – such as PriorityExceeds.pm
and Crontab.pm???

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You can copy those into the rt-lib
but you’ll need the insertaction / insertcond scripts to activate them

All of the above can be downloaded from the rt-addons.

How does one install the various pm’s for RT – such as PriorityExceeds.pm
and Crontab.pm???

To install an addon for RT, first:

Be aware of what you are adding.

Is it a ScripCondition?  A ScripAction?  A tweak to the WebUI ?
This information should be in the README for each addon.

Know where to put it in the filesystem:

ScripConditions are recognised by RT as a perl library
'RT::Condition::whatever'.  This indicates that the 'whatever.pm'
file would get copied into the 'lib/RT/Condition/' directory.
ScripActions are 'RT::Action::whatever', and live in

Additions to the WebUI go beneath the WebRT/html tree as indicated
by the README file.

Telling RT about it:

In the case of ScripConditions and ScripActions, RT references the
SQL database to find a reference to a given ScripCondition or
ScripAction.  Most addons come with a perl script to add this
reference to the SQL database, and should be named as
'insert_type_whatever.pl'.  (eg, insert_condition_crontab.pm)

You'll probably need to edit this file so it knows where the RT
libraries live on your system (copy the 'use lib' lines from your
rt-mailgate).  Running the script will add the reference to your
database.  (obviously, look through the script first to make sure
that its not doing anything else, and that the author has supplied
the references correctly.  Essential - the string in 'ExecModule'
must exactly match the name of the file you copied (excluding the
'.pm'), otherwise RT will not be able to find it)

Additions to the WebUI usually only need to be copied into place,
and will be recognised when you access them from your web browser.
Some (indicated by their README) will require you to restart your
web server (that is, stop it, then start it.  'apachectl restart'
does not fully reload the perl libraries)


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