RT Perl dependencies (CentOS 5)

Hey folks,

First let me say RT is a good tool - thanks!

I’ve been playing with 4.0 in my development environment and am preparing to
push it out to production. I’ve a few issues I’m working through including:

  1. CC requirement -> it seems that RT 4’s configure wants a C compiler but
    we do not keep compilers on our production server.

My solution here is to build in a pristine environment (VM similar to
production) and then tar up the package and plop it into production.

  1. Perl dependencies. In my dev environment I used CPAN (via make fixdeps).
    In production we don’t use CPAN.

My approach to here is to generate a list of Perl module dependencies,
starting with the direct dependencies out of the rt-4.0.0/configure script,
and then finding RPMs from repos we allow for use in production to fill in
the gaps. Where this isn’t enough I have to either cpan2rpm them or
otherwise get Dag to add the modules to his RPMForge area (according to him
he is happy to add any CPAN modules that are requested - sweet aye!)

If anyone is already working on this from some other angle or has
suggestions I am eager for input.