RT Parsing .eml attachments (lost?)

We have a queue that allows us to track abuse reports. This requires users to forward in original .eml attachments to the ticket.

The problem is, RT appears to parse the .eml attachment. (they are coming in via mailgate).

Is there any way to NOT parse .eml attachments as part of the original message? The attachments look like they’re actually getting stripped. If I change the mime extension/type to .txt (text/plain) then the attachment works, but the problem is the end client looking at the attachment doesn’t render it as a message file and all it’s mime encodings. (ie: you’ll just see raw base64 encodings, etc)

Any ideas?

I’ve got the same problem. People send abuse reports in ARF format ( RFC5965 and RFC6650 ) and they get mangled. This must be a bug.
EDIT: I’m on rt 4.4.1