RT only sends reply emails from the RT root user (Debian package installation)

Hi folks,

We¹ve recently installed RT 3.6.1 on a Debian Etch system via the
³requestracker3.6² package, running under apache2 with mod_perl2, and using
postfix as the MTA and MySQL for the database. The basic RT system seems to
be up and running properly.

If we log in to RT as root we can reply to tickets, the ticket shows
³RT_System - Outgoing email recorded² and postfix sends the email (can see
it via postfix mail log).

But, if we log in as any other user and reply to a ticket < even if that
user is also given ³superuser² rights < the ticket does not show ³RT_System

  • Outgoing email recorded² and email is not sent to postfix (postfix log
    shows no activity).

I¹ve tried setting the global ³privileged² group to have most of the rights
regular users would need, including ³ReplyToTicket², but that had not
changed the system behavior.

Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated!