RT new installation and RT-ConfigSite.pm is empty

hello there ,

this is what i did on debian 9

apt-get update & upgrade
apt-get install mysql* & apache2*

apt-get install rt4-*
apt-get install request-tracker4

everything is ok ! now the apache server is working on 80 . and there is NO RT !
the RT_SiteConfig.pm file under /etc/request-tracker4 is empty , it gices me this output after a cat command .

Default RT_SiteConfig.pm for Debian

Since RT 4.4, snippets from /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d

are read in by RT itself, so this file is now empty.

You can edit the RT_SiteConfig.pm file and add the necessary config options:


should i edit that file ? do you recommend it ?

Yup it is meant to be edited, you can read the default comments:

can you help me a little more please ! if you have time , i would like to give you access to my server to check some things
i’m a working system administrator .

Personally I would create files under
that contain your customizations.
That way you don’t have to worry about the next upgrade replacing RT_SiteConfig.pm.