RT MailGateway failures

THis is a follow-up of a mail sent a few minutes ago.

I restarted my postfix mail server and it re-queued the mail and this
time the script did execute, but it replied with an error to the sender:

RT could not load a valid user, and RT’s configuration does not allow
for the creation of a new user for your email.

I assume this is some simple configuration option that I am missing.
Any idea what it is?

I followed the steps in the documentation to setup the mail gateway and
I gave Everybody the following access on the General queue:
See Queue
Create Ticket
Reply To Ticket
Comment On Ticket.

This is the mail log file for interest sake:
Jul 15 01:23:56 cspsolutions postfix/cleanup[3765]: 1BE1CCA02:
Jul 15 01:23:56 cspsolutions postfix/qmgr[3750]: 1BE1CCA02:
from=andre@trusoft.co.za, size=1838, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 15 01:23:56 cspsolutions postfix/smtpd[3762]: disconnect from
Jul 15 01:23:57 cspsolutions postfix/local[3766]: 1BE1CCA02:
to=rt@localhost.cspsolutions.net, orig_to=rt@localhost, relay=local,
delay=1, status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: An Error
Occurred ================= 500 Internal Server Error )
Jul 15 01:35:21 cspsolutions postfix/postfix-script: refreshing the
Postfix mail system
Jul 15 01:35:21 cspsolutions postfix/master[3744]: reload configuration
Jul 15 01:35:25 cspsolutions postfix/master[3744]: terminating on signal
Jul 15 01:35:26 cspsolutions postfix/postfix-script: starting the
Postfix mail system
Jul 15 01:35:26 cspsolutions postfix/master[4104]: daemon started –
version 2.0.19-20040312
Jul 15 01:35:26 cspsolutions postfix/qmgr[4110]: 1BE1CCA02:
from=andre@trusoft.co.za, size=1838, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 15 01:35:28 cspsolutions postfix/local[4116]: 1BE1CCA02:
to=rt@localhost.cspsolutions.net, orig_to=rt@localhost, relay=local,
delay=692, status=sent (delivered to command: /opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate
–queue General --action correspond --url
Jul 15 01:35:28 cspsolutions postfix/qmgr[4110]: 1BE1CCA02: removed

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