Rt-mailgate not processing incoming mails correctly

Hello all,

I have scoured the archives and not found anything that helps me that
much. I am using request tracker 1 from Debian woody, and exim3.

I am finding that some mails to sent to my queue are not handled
correctly by rt-mailgate.

/etc/aliases is has an entry like the following (I have also see the
same problems when not using extended syntax)

techsupport: “|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --extended-syntax --debug -q
techsupport -a correspond”

The mails that appear in the queue are missing a requester address and
the message content is displayed as part of the headers in the web gui.

If i use fetchmail to poll a remote pop3 server and save the mail to a
disk in a format i can cat direct into rt-mailgate, the same behaviour
is seen.

cat /tmp/pants2 | /usr/bin/rt-mailgate -d --extended-syntax -q
techsupport -a correspond

However, If i run rt-mailgate and then paste each line that appears in
the above mentioned file one by one, ending with an EOF, the mail appears in the system

One thing to note is that these mails appear in /var/lib/rt/transactions/2004/foo/bar with the
message content below the headers, whereas when mails come in correctly
the content is above the — Headers Follow — marker.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,