Rt-mailgate issues

I am having problems with rt-mailgate and RTIR.

Running RTIR 1.05 + RT 3.011 on a Fedora Enterprise box.

I can login via the web interface fine but the problem comes when I try
to email the aliases I’ve created as per the instructions (and yes, I
did run newaliases). Obviously the Apache config is fine but just so I
don’t leave out any holes, the VirtualHost config has the server IP, not
the hostname (not that I think that should make any difference).

If I send an email to one of the aliases (any of them) I get a deferred
msg (eventually) and an undeliverable. The messages gets shunted into
the /var/spool/mqueue and sits there until it returns undeliverable.

Running the command from the command line I get this:
[root@rtir bin]# echo “hi” |./rt-mailgate --queue general --action
correspond --url http://rtir.mydomain.com/

An Error Occurred

404 Not Found
[root@rtir bin]#

This is irrespective of whether I use the FQDN of the server or
‘localhost’ in the alias. I’ve checked the /etc/hosts file - it
effectively has two lines, one for localhost info and another the IP and
FQDN host name.

I’ve checked to ensure the queue names the aliases point to exist as
well. There is also a symbolic link for rt-mailgate in the /etc/smrsh

Any/all assistance would be appreciated. Let me know if I’ve left
anything else out.

Thanks in advance,
Jarrod Loidl
IT Security of Infrastructure Services,
Information Technology Services, Monash University - Clayton
Phone: +61 3 99052055 Fax: +61 3 99054746

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