RT-Mailgate fill in Global Custom Fields from e-mail

I was wondering if anybody knew a way for rt-mailgate to fill in
global custom fields on a new ticket from information in the e-mail.

For instance, say the e-mail had a line:
Room: 123
when RT-mailgate would create the ticket, it would enter ‘123’ into
the ‘Room number’ global custom field.

Extracting the information from the e-mail is not a problem. That can
be done with a simple perl script. What I am wondering is if there’s
any feature, perhaps ‘undocumented’ in the call to mailgate, perhaps
something like

rt-mailgate --queue general --action comment --url http://localhost/

If not, perhaps someone could give me an idea of if this could be done
with a source code ‘hack’, and where to start looking to insert this.

I’m not sure if this list, or the development list is the correct
place for this question.

Thanks for your help,

Randy Oswald

You can do it with simple Scrip, but if you wish something more generic
there is contribution ‘ExtractCustomFieldValues’ at

			Best regards. Ruslan.

Randy Oswald wrote: