Rt-ldapimport fails on 4.4 (RT::User::ExternalAuthId Unimplemented in RT::Record)

I’m getting this error when running sbin/rt-ldapimport. I used to run this
without issues on 4.2 with the extension.

[20687] [Fri Feb 12 15:17:35 2016] [critical]: RT::User::ExternalAuthId
Unimplemented in RT::Record. (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Record.pm line 958)
RT::User::ExternalAuthId Unimplemented in RT::Record.
(/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/Record.pm line 958)

Note that i had to remove ExternalAuthId from the configuration file and
blank the values in the database in order for make upgrade-database to work.

Is this a bug?

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Bah, i’m dumb. I removed the ExternalAuthId from the original ExternalAuth
plugin declaration in the config but not from the ldapimport one as well.
Now it runs. However, i didn’t get any output on the screen when using
–debug. Previously i could see the names of the users as it was importing

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I’m not getting any output because it isn’t actually importing / finding
anyone new.

This is my untouched configuration that used to work on 4.2:

Set($LDAPFilter, ‘(&(objectClass=user)’ .
’(!(enabled=false))’ .
’(!(objectClass=computer))’ .
’(!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))’ .
’(mail=)’ .
)’ .
’(lastLogonTimestamp>=130700000000000000))’); #march 2015 or newer
Set($LDAPSizeLimit, 1000);

Set($LDAPMapping, {Name => ‘sAMAccountName’, # required
EmailAddress => ‘mail’,
RealName => ‘displayName’,
WorkPhone => ‘telephoneNumber’,
Address1 => ‘description’,
Address2 => ‘l’,
Gecos => ‘sAMAccountName’,
Organization => ‘physicalDeliveryOfficeName’});
Set($LDAPBase, ‘dc=mycompany,dc=com’);
Set($LDAPSkipAutogeneratedGroup, 1);
Set($LDAPUpdateUsers, 1);

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Turns out that now all output is sent to /var/log/messages instead of the
current terminal screen. That helped me find out that the admin created all
new profiles without telephone numbers, therefore being filtered. I added a
phone number to one and now it shows, so it’s working.

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