RT issues (Away from office)

I’m out of the office for the rest of the day, and back online Wed
morning (03/31/04).

If this is a WebCT logon question, please send it to: webct@lanecc.edu

If it’s urgent, please leave a message for me at Distance Learning:

Mark Williams

rt-users 03/31/04 07:00 >>>

Firstly, as detailed in my previous email to the alias, we are seeing
total data loss from the InnoDB files, resulting in a restore being

I’ve never seen this, granted my various RT installs aren’t very
big. I don’t think many other people have seen it either, otherwise,
there’d have been a lot of screaming on the mailing lists. So I think
it’s something specific to you, and I suspect it’s in your database.

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