RT is great!


just a big thank you:

we’ve been using RT for our internal support for only about a week,
after evaluating and tweaking it a little bit, and it’s really great.

Since some of us wanted to use their mail program and no web forms for
sending out emails, we patched it so that when you take a request, you
also get sent the most recent email of the request. And we also send
correspondence to the request owner (if there is one). So, if you don’t
like web forms, you don’t have to touch them at all :slight_smile:

It works great for us and we’re happy to retire a different not-so-well-loved
commercial product.


Michael Radziej

Michael Radziej SuSE GmbH phone +49-911-74053-646
Interne EDV Deutschherrenstr. 15-29 fax +49-911-3206727
Michael.Radziej@suse.de 90443 N�rnberg, Germany web http://www.suse.de
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