RT initial Configs


I have successfully installed RT on FC5 platform and for configs i have the
following, but still my rt webpage cant just come up,

vi /usr/local/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm

Set($rtname , “jtl.co.ke”);
Set($Organization , “jtl.co.ke”);
Set($OwnerEmail , ‘james@jtl.co.ke’);
Set($RTAddressRegexp , ‘^rt@jtl.co.ke$’);
Set($CorrespondAddress , ‘rt@jtl.co.ke’);
Set($CommentAddress , ‘rt@jtl.co.ke’);
Set($CanonicalizeEmailAddressMatch , ‘rt.jtl.co.ke$’);
Set($CanonicalizeEmailAddressReplace , ‘jtl.co.ke’);
Set($SendmailPath , “/usr/lib/sendmail”);
Set($WebBaseURL , “http://rt.jtl.co.ke”); 1;

On my hhtpd.conf i have

Listen 80
User www
Group www
ServerAdmin webmaster@jtl.co.ke

I have started my mysqld and httpd services. And so far i can get the apache
testpage but not the rt web page.

Help pls

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See the RT README about configuring Apache.