RT Front end cluster

Hi Guys,

I have already split off my SQL backend from my RT installation,
optimized SQL and fine tuned settings til I’m blue in the face and need
more performance from RT. Large tickets (we run projects through RT)
which have been updated regular for over a year, take pretty much a year
to load. The only thing I can thing of is running multiple front end web
serving nodes. The sessions are SQL based, so I don’t see too many
problems here, innodb should keep any nasty table locks away. But can
you guys think of any other reasons this wont work.

Running 3.8.8 with MySQL db backend.



Kind Regards,
Matthew Hattersley

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Hi Mat,

This question was posted almost 8 years ago with out a response. I was wondering if you had been able to make any progress on clustering the front end?

I am researching this same question and not finding much in the way of answers.

Matt Thompson

You can cluster the fronts if needed, just keep same code on fronts, use sessions in DB (default) and a filer for attachments if you use ExternalStorage.

Thought SQL server is often the bottleneck on RT.