Rt-externalize-attachments questions

Hey there, I’ve got a large RT instance & we’re prepping the migration to RT 4.4.1. I notice that RT now includes the option to externalize attachments. I’ve been doing some testing on our database in prep for the migration & have a couple questions about how the rt-externalize-attachments script functions.

  • By default the script is only supposed externalize attachments larger than 10MiB. However in my tests I’m seeing files much smaller than that on the external storage. That’s fine but I’m just curious how it’s intended to work

  • Is there a memory leak in the script perhaps? In my first test I ran out of swap space and the system killed the script. I added more swap space but it seems to keep filling. Or is the answer simply, just install more memory?

  • Is there a way to manually add a “high water mark” since I have yet to complete a full pass on the attachments table (about 7 million rows) and each time the script has to start over at the beginning?

Thanks for any help.