RT Extension: Transaction Emoji

Summary: This plugin displays emojis (aka emoticons) for RT ticket transactions, allowing users to provide feedback with one click.

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Git, source code: We still have some work to do to polish the source code, we’ll post that when we’re done. If you need this plugin earlier, let us know and we’ll share the current state of the code.


This is interesting, it brings a bit of feature parity with things like Teams conversations.

If this is an open-source plugin and it is compatible with RT 4.2.16, then so long as it scales up OK to high volumes, there might be some interest from the users of the installation I manage.


It is developed (and still developing) for RT v5.0 and higher, we’re not planning backward compatibility or downgrade to RT v 4.x.

However, if you require the code for a downgrade, we can share with you.

Please feel free to reach out to us at the following email address: contact@docca-europe.com or you can contact us: here.