RT-Extension-ResetPassword Plugin Not Working

I have installed the RT-Extension-ResetPassword plugin. When I try to send Send new password email I get the below errors. Also I am not getting the forgot password Link on login page
Any insight what I am doing wrong and how this can be fixed

[3201240] [Thu Mar 16 07:23:47 2023] [error]: Found more than one occurrence of the /Callbacks/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/Admin/Users/Modify.html/BeforeUpdate callback.  This may cause only one of the callbacks to run.  Look for the duplicate Callback in your /opt/rt5/local/html /opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-IR/html /opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-ActivityReports/html /opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html /opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-RepeatTicket/html /opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html /opt/rt5/share/html (/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web/Request.pm:132)
[3201240] [Thu Mar 16 07:23:47 2023] [error]: Couldn't load template 'PasswordReset' (/opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/html/Callbacks/RT-Extension-ResetPassword/Admin/Users/Modify.html/BeforeUpdate:17)


I forgot to initialize DB after compiling the plugin. Doing so fixed the issue.

closing my own issue :slight_smile: