RT-Extension-FormTools, "Could not find component for path"

I’ve gone through a few articles, but I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet. I just installed RT::Extension::FormTools, setting it up as directed. When I go to Admin>FormTools>Create, the UI throws An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT's log files.

In syslog I see the following error:
RT: [1135] could not find component for path '/Elements/LabeledValue'#012#012Stack:#012 [/opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-FormTools/html/Admin/FormTools/Create.html:9]#012 [/opt/rt5/share/html/Widgets/TitleBox:61]#012 [/opt/rt5/local/plugins/RT-Extension-FormTools/html/Admin/FormTools/Create.html:20]#012 [/opt/rt5/share/html/Admin/autohandler:49]#012 [/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:741]#012 [/opt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:420]#012 [/opt/rt5/share/html/autohandler:53]

All those filepaths/files seem to exist, except for /Elements/LabeledValue, but there are a few different Elements folders in /rt5. I might be missing something. Any advice on what I might be missing on the install?

Did you manage to solve this problem? We run into the same issue.

We’ve been playing with FormTools recently and found that the latest release worked OK on an RT 5.0.5 test box, but not on a 5.0.1 version.

/Elements/LabeledValue doesnt seem to exist on the earlier versions of RT5, but does on 5.0.5. So as @GreenJimll says, we went to that one and all good

And FWIW I tried copying the /Elements/LabeledValue Mason component over from 5.0.5 to our 5.0.1 machine. That lets the admin side of FormTools work, but then the user side blows up with a different bit missing, so its looking like you need the latest RT to use the latest FormTools I’m afraid. Unless @Jim_Brandt can tell us otherwise of course…

We did most of the new development and testing on 5.0.5, so it makes sense to me that there may be some dependencies only available in that version. I have updated the docs to reflect that 5.0.5 is the minimum version. The next release will warn when you try to build it on something older. Besides, you really want to be running 5.0.5 anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: