I sent an email to the author (ruz?) but he hasn’t responded (or maybe is no longer with Best Practical?) so hopefully someone here knows:

We are in the midst of upgrading from 4.2.12 to 4.4.x. In our current instance we are using the extension CustomField-HideEmptyValues, but it is an older version (0.02). In trying to upgrade this to 1.10 I get an error:

**** Error: Your installed version of RT (4.4.1) is too new; this extension
only works with versions older than 4.4.0.

Is this no longer supported? Has it been cored? I didn’t see it in lib::RT.

Yes, the functionality was made core in 4.4.1

Even though the change was cored in RT 4.4.1, it hasn’t yet been introduced in the latest RT-IR, making the extension still necessary.

However, the extension, as @rkappler noted, won’t install on RT instances newer than 4.4.0.