RT E-mailing Autoreply issue

Hi guys, I have an issue with RT emailing. I have created a Scrip for Autoreply when you create a ticket via E-mail. I use two emails: One for correspond (xyz@email…) and second for comment (abc@email…). When I create ticket via xyz@email… ticket is created but autoreply will not arrive. But if i create ticket via abc@email… its work well. But I need to create ticket only via xyz@email… I have look to logs on machine. But didnt get something new. Anyone have experience with this?

Are you replying to your own ticket? If so, you might be having the auto reply suppressed by RT as it thinks you should know you sent yourself an email already. There’s a config setting to change this behaviour.

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Hi, I already allowed this in RT_SiteConfig.

allow NotifyActor

Set($NotifyActor, 1);

allow RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages

Set($RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages, 1);

no address will be squelched

Set($RTSquelchRepliesTo, ‘’);

Do you think some email.pm patch will solve it?

I don’t know. If you’re saying you only want to create tickets from the xyz@email address, then you’ll probably have to filter the mail coming in before RT gets to see it, as RT will create the tickets by default. You could always have your scrip resolve tickets coming from someone other than xyz@email but you’ll still have the ticket created and any other valid scrips run.