RT does not save Custom Fields value on ticket creation


currently, I’m struggling with a bug, which does not appear in the debug logs.
Tickets creation by the website does not save custom field values. But editing them after the ticket creations works. Unfortunately, neither the initial ticket creation nor the custom field insertion will be specific logged.

Do you have any ideas on how to “debug” that? Scrips are not in use.



Do you logging set to debug? You are testing with the same user to ensure it is not rights?

Does whoever is doing the first operation (creating the ticket) have the rights to create custom field values?


logging is of course set to debug :wink:
I tried that on our RT 4.0.7 to RT 4.4.3 migrated RT vanilla instance (with the “initial created” data) as root. So rights should not be the problem, but I can try to do that as a normal user. Maybe roots privilege have some side effects.


Also do you have any customization that could be messing with the ARGs that the create page is submitting?

You are totally right. Be remove all custimazations libs and reintroduce them step-by-step I could figure out the corresponding file :slight_smile:

Thank you!