RT development status

Actually I will present RT to the support department now, and ask them to
start testing it, eventually even start using it a bit.

The most important things that we are missing (apart from all the details
they probably will complain about in the next few days and that I
eventually will fix) is:

  • Web authorization. I think this should be thought a bit about. Cookies
    (eventually combined with SSL) is an OK thing at most places, at other
    places an SSL certificate would be better … so it should be site
    configurable. I don’t think we should mix IP numbers into the cookies, I
    think it’s enough to have login in plain text and the password eventually
    scrambled somehow. Those that are concerned about security should use SSL

  • Links, particularly between RT and Bugzilla. We haven’t implemented
    them yet.

  • The dates doesn’t work. I hope I will catch fixing it this week …
    though, I doubt a bit, and I will probably take a week vacation
    starting from friday.

When we have those two things in place and the support department says
it’s cool, it’s an important milestone for me.

In addition, those things are needed (but not that desperately here,

  • RT 1.0 <=> 2.0 data import/export/mirroring tool (I started at this
    once, it’s probably not that much work needed to get it up running)
  • Access Control
  • Beer, preferably Irish
  • Admin tools (all admin has to be done through SQL at the moment)
  • Whistles and bells
  • Probably a lot of other things I’ve forgotten at the moment

Tobias Brox
aka TobiX
+47 22 925 871