Rt-devel] RT-FM-2.1.22 and session problems

I have been testing RT-FM-2.1.22/RT-3.4.2 on Oracle9i and have been
having problems with keeping logged in.
Following scenario:
Logout of RT in my brower (tested Firefox/Mozilla/IE)
Delete RT cookie
Close browser
Stop apache
Clean out session_data directory
Clean out var/log/rt.log
Clean out mason_data/obj/*
Start apache
Start browser
Login on RT, homepage loads
(all is OK)
Click on a ticket --> it will display
Logout of RT using the logout link at the right hand top.
Login back in using the same user. The homepage will load.
Click on a tickt --> Login screen will appear.
Click on a link from the left hand side of the screen --> Login will
appear etc, etc.
Logging out and deleting the cookie will fix this endless cycle.

Problem seems to be that the file that appears in var/session_data is
not filled after it is created, size is 110 bytes and doesn’t increase.
Did DID work before RT-FM 2.1.xx was installed.
Installed RT-RM-2.1.22 on a second RT installatie with the same effect.
All RT/RT-FM depencies are correct.

Couldn’t stand why this wasn’t working so I spend a couple of days
tracking this and found finally what the problem was.
The problem starts as soon as RT-FM-2.1.xx is installed. So it must be
something in RT-FM. It took a while since I have a perl-5.8.6 test
installation which doesn’t have this but beginning from ground up using
perl-5.8.7, RT3.4.3 and RT-FM-2.1.34 I still had this.
So I thought it must be in the Callbacks into RTFM. I renamed all
directories and problem went away. I suspected one of the elements which
almost always and are included when logging in so I disabled
elements/header/head and that did the trick.
Problem is, only thing it does is include webrtfm.css which has all
commands commented out. Why this works I don’t know, maybe its the
reference to /NoAuth/… which somehow breaks sessionhandling.

Hope this helps some else having problems,


Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege@mococo.nl