RT Dates & sorting


We are using RT and I note that sorting by date treats items without
assigned due dates as if they have due dates that are far in the past
when in fact common sense would suggest items without dates have
effective due dates that are far in the future.

Also, I would like to strongly suggest that to be most useful we need to
be able to do multiple sorts: for example sort by priority then by due
date. My suggestion for how to do this would be to replace the sort
triangles at the head of each column with check boxes, the first check
box is for “sort on this column” and the second is for “sort in
reverse.” This solves the problem of multiple sorts but leaves the
question of how to apply a relative ordering of multiple sorts. I would
argue that the column order is the way to go–ie first column that is
sorted has greater significance than sorted columns that occur
afterwards (from left to right).

Then, if need be, let users specify the column order and they will have
the best of both worlds. (Though I have no suggestion for how to do the


Gerald Justice

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