Has anyone been successful on getting RT::Crypt::Smime working with RT 3.8?

I have it installed except when RT::Interface::email::SendEmail is
called it caused some kind of error which seems to cause RT to lose is
connection to the database. The resulting error message isn’t very
informative as it occurs so much later (when database happens to be
accesses next) so its a symptom of the problem but doesn’t really point
where the problem is. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why the
RT::Crypt::Smime package causes things to go boom. I know that the
package overloads the SendEmail function by wrapping the call. Since
the package hasn’t been updated since 2008 I am assuming that something
in the SendEmail function has changed between 3.7->3.8 so now the
library isn’t overloading the function correctly.(?)