Rt-crontool template suggestions

I have been working on getting RT::Action::RecordComment to work in a cron job for a while. It seems to me that any action that doesn’t require a template will work fine, but when I try to use an action that requires a template, it doesn’t work. I think that there is something in my template that isn’t right. I am not using a scrip with this cronjob. If I need to use a scrip, please let me know with an example if possible.
Here’s my cronjob:

./rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg “id = ‘1406’” --action RT::Action::RecordComment --template-id 4 -verbose

Here is my template:

RT-Send-Cc: andy.werner@amxinc.com

The ticket {$Ticket->id} is only being used for testing.


RT Admin

Andy Werner