RT Couldn't Write to Session Dir - ?var at 100%

First, I googled this error and dug through archives
before posting.



Intel PC running RedHat Linux Release 7.3 (Valhalla),
kernel 2.4.18-3

Perl 5.6.1 ModPerl 1.29

Apache 1.3.29 (error log file is clean)

MySQL 4.0.16 Standard

RT Time on Machine: Been running flawless for about 3
years. No upgrades to any packages or changes made in
over 2.5 years.

RT Version 3.0.4.

The error I am receiving is
�/opt/rt3/var/session_data� couldn�t be written by RT
using �sessions.MYI� at
(line 42)

First thing I did was check the file system. /var/
was at 100%. I got rid of some logs and dropped the
usage so that over 30% of the /var partition was
available. I then restarted MySQL and Apache, to no
avail. I then did a graceful reboot of the system.
The error was identical. I�m not sure if the
partition being full was before or after the system
failing. All log files are clean (mysql, Redhat, and
apache) except for this write error.

I then went completely through the error and, in the
sake of being quick to solve, chmod 777 every file, to



I haven�t changed any directory permissions, though.

Any insight into: what happened, how I could have
avoided, how to fix and suggestions for the future.



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