Rt cli question, patch for default query and order

Apologies for the cross-post, but I wasn’t getting any responses on rt-users.

To simplify my question:

Do the comment, link, and merge functions work in the 3.0.8 version or
the rt cli tool (bin/rt)? I have seen comments that the tool is under
development and want to be sure that they work as released before I dig
into the problem further.

Thanks in advance.


rt.patch (2.32 KB)

At 2004-01-21 08:15:27 -0500, ii@took.ekilat.com wrote:

I have added support for a default query […]

I personally think that a default query would be better implemented as a
shell alias.

It appears that
REST/1.0/dhandler is intercepting requests for
REST/1.0/ticket/{merge,comment,link}/id and sending them to

That’s definitely not supposed to happen. I haven’t used RT 3.0.8, but I
know I’ve had merge/comment/link working fine with an earlier version of
RT. It sounds like a configuration problem, but I’d appreciate it if you
could investigate further and let me know what you find.

@@ -733,7 +742,7 @@

     my ($head, $text) = split /\n\n/, $res->content, 2;
     my ($status, @headers) = split /\n/, $head;
  •    $text =~ s/\n*$/\n/;
  •    $text =~ s/\n*\\$/\n/;

(What is this change meant to do?)

– ams