Rt-cli: blank email with rt5 by using -a option

Hello, we are using rt-cli in this way:

EDITOR=“cat” rt correspond -a $FILE $TICKET_NUMBER

However since we migrated to rt-5, the customers claims that they receive a blank email:

The workaround for now is:

EDITOR=“cat” rt correspond -m “$( cat $FILE )” $TICKET_NUMBER

Is there a way to do a bugreport for this issue?

You can report bugs and issue with RT using the Best Practical reporting which runs on (drum roll please) RT! The link is here:


I’ve reported several bugs and provided potential patches in the past via this route, and some of them have made it in the codebase. However if you really want something fixed, you can always contract (aka pay) Best Practical to work on the issue for you - they offer a range of paid support options.