Rt bugs/lacking features

Hi all

I’ve been using RT for about 2 weeks now (and used (tk)req extensively in
the past) and eventhough I’m very pleased with the product, I think there
are some missing features and small inconveniences:

Interface issues:

RT is sometimes confusing. For example,

"create request in queue [XXX]’ always defaults to the last entry. It would
be nice if RT remembered the last queue used, or if there were a possibility
to make some queue default. Now I sometimes end up creating tickets in the
wrong queue.

The ‘due date’ checkbox when creating a request is something that’s easily

The ‘Display Queue’ link is always at the bottom of tickets, which can be
quite long. This means lots of scrolling to get back to the Queue Display
after modifying a request. It would be nice to have the same link at the
top as well.

Perhaps it might be nice as well to display the request transaction history
reversed, so the most recent transactions appear on top.

Settings such as how the Queue Display is displayed aren’t saved. So you
can order by due date, but as soon as you display or create a ticket, this
is lost and the list is shown in the (less usefull) sort by id order.

Functionality issues:

It would be nice if one could be reminded by email about tickets that are
due in some X period (reminders). Of course, this should be configurable
for each ticket.


I’ve created a ‘private’ queue to which only I have access. I use it as some
sort of todo list. However, eventhough noone has access to the queue, it
does show up in there Queue Display. This pollutes other peoples queue
displays and somewhat violates my privacy. Wouldn’t it be more logic to
not show these requests at all?

You can press the “Display request #” without entering data. It will show
a complete empty request. If you then attempt to take or resolv this ticket
you will get an internal server error (i.e. the script crashes)

That’s all. What do you think? I’d be willing to hack these mods into the
source by the way.



PS: I’m a postgres fan. I hope the 2.0 version (with postgres support) is
finished soon so I can migrate from MySQL to postgres wrt. RT. I also
hope that some conversion of the rt database will be possible.

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