This is a script which can be cronned to automatically unstall tickets
after a set date.

It requires a trivial patch I posted earlier to rt-devel which fixes a
typo so that LimitDate with Starts works and allows QUOTEVALUE in
RT::Tickets->Limit (so then I can compare two dates directly in a

To use it, set up the cronjob, then when you want a ticket to unstall
later just set the start date and then stall the ticket. The cronjob
will unstall it the next time it runs and the start date has passed,
unless you’ve added transactions to the ticket (which means generally
modified it in any way) since the start date passed, in which case it’ll
leave it alone.

The logic is: open the ticket if it is stalled, it has a starts date
set, the starts date is in the past and the last updated date is before
the starts date.

This seems to do what I want, anyway :slight_smile:


rt-autostart (2.49 KB)