RT::Authen::ExternalAuth and case matching


I am opening a new thraed since the issue is specific but this is also
a message for Rich who opened the thread “RT::Authen::ExternalAuth
debugging” :

We made ExternalAuth work for RT 3.8.1 :

The information about a user is taken from a local database with a
table “mail2login” which is filled from other sources. In this table,
the email address is : Firstname.Lastname@domain.

The authentication is from AD Windows 2003.

It works and I can share the config files but we have a problem :

If a user configure his mail address as lowercase
firstname.lastname@domain in his mail client, then the account does not
get autocreated. I think the SQL statment “SELECT…WHERE” finds the
matching line in the database because the WHERE is case insensitive
but later in the code, the use of the hash with inconsistent case

=> Would it be possible to make the code User_Vendor.pm insensitive to
the case for the email address ? Should I file a bug/feature
request for that ?


JM Barbet.

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