RT at glance not changing


I created a ‘system saved search’ named “tickets I created”. I want to update RT at glance for all of my users so in Admin -> global -> RT at glance, I added this saved search. the problem is none of my users (even me) could see this saved search in our home page.

what is wrong? did I miss something?

Have you either:

a) not given privileged user the ShowSavedSearches right (in Config > Global > Groups)?


b) do you have a custom (local) RT At A Glance script that you need to edit separately?

Also if you/they have customised RT at a glance you/they won’t see this new search in the default RT at a glance view. You (and they) will need to click the “Edit” link in the top right hand corner and either add the saved search to the view or click on the reset to default button at the bottom.

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