RT at a glance summaries in 3.5.2


I have reported this as a bug, but I would like to hear if anyone have had the same problem and maybe found a solution.

When you customize the “RT at a glance” page (/Prefs/MyRT.html), if you add or remove any “summaries” then the Quick Search and Reminders page will disappear from the front page.

Anyone found a sollution to this? Or maybe have a pointer as to where I can reset this setting again? So far the only thing I found is to make a new user hehe.


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Bjørn Skovlund Rydén
System- and Networkadministration
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Can anyone tell me if there is any patch for speeding up the search
functionalities in RT. Is there any specific programs i need to look at
for making changes to the “Search” queries?.

Ahalya Nathan
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